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Looking After Your Health

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Our program helps you to lose weight and to lead a healthy lifestyle. The program focuses on a combination of medication and changes to your lifestyle to attain your weight loss goal. The first step is the medical exam to assess your needs. Based on the result we recommend prescription or treatment along with changes to your diet, habits, and lifestyle along with exercise. Sometimes there may not be a clinical need for weight loss medication but instead lifestyle changes can bring about wight loss.

The results will vary based on the patient adherence to the program, and family history.

Our program will help you attain your health goal.

 Shed extra pound

 Fix your metabolism

 Choose foods and habits that trigger weight-loss

 Avoid foods that trigger weight gain

 Increase energy levels

 Learn relaxation techniques

We may order lab work if required, prescribe medication to lower appetite, administer injections to burn stubborn fat along with recommendation for lifestyle changes.

Take control of your life and invest in your health. Please call us today to schedule your appointment.


Lose weight while you go about your normal work. It is hard to lose weight but harder to keep the weight you lost. Our program is not about weight loss but more about being healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Results are not guaranteed. Results depends on each individual health, lifestyle, exercise, mindset, and diet. Call us now at 702-885-7185.

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Being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes complications. Losing a few pounds can help with diabetes control. Read more here…

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