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Psoriasis Psoriasis is a disease with an unclear cause that is characterized by inflammation caused by the dysfunction of the immune system that causes inflammation to the body. When the immune system speeds up skin cell growth, psoriasis skin falls off within 3-4 days whereas regular skin would take a month to fall off. Some […]


Depression/Anxiety Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It affects how you feel, think, and handle things throughout your day. This comes in many different forms with some being different from the others. Anxiety is a persistent feeling of being anxious or dread that can interfere with you daily operations. It is not the […]


Diarrhea What Is It? It is the product of more-frequent bowel movements whether it be loose or watery stool. Usually the diarrhea can be present by itself but there are situations where symptoms can arise alongside the diarrhea like nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, or weight loss. If you are experiencing diarrhea for a longer amount […]

Weight Management

    Weight Management   What is weight management? And why is it important?     Weight management provides patients with the tools they need to lose weight, eat the right foods, and maintain their healthy weight long-term. It is very important because it helps to decrease your chances of diseases or conditions that could […]


    Arthritis:   Arthritis is a common term for conditions that affects connective tissues, tissues around the joints, and the joints themselves. To this day there are more than 1oo different types of arthritis that each contribute joint pain and stiffness depending on the type of arthritis. Uniquely, there is no cure for it, […]


    Asthma:   It is a long-term condition that affects children and adults. The air passages start to enclose due to inflammation and tightening muscles around the small airways. Some symptoms include cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Asthma can cause people to suffer from sleep disturbance, lack of concentration, and grogginess […]


    Migraines:   Migraines are described as a throbbing headache, usually located on one side of the head. This is accompanied by sensitivity to light/sounds & possible nausea. This combo usually prevents anyone experiencing it to delay daily activities. About 40 million American have migraines that usually start during adolescence or early 20’s. 70% […]


Allergies:   What are allergies? An allergy is when your immune system reacts to a unfamiliar substance, called an allergen. It could be something you eat, inhale into your lungs, inject into your body, or touch. Although there is no cure for allergies, you can manage allergies with avoidance and treatment.         […]

Heart Disease

    Heart Disease:     Heart Disease could mean many different types of heart conditions. The most common would be CAD or Coronary Artery Disease which affects blood flow to heart. Some symptoms of heart disease include arrhythmia, heart attacks, and heart failure.       Risks For Heart Disease   High cholesterol, smoking, […]


    What is Diabetes?   Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. The food you eat is transformed into glucose and released into your bloodstream. Having diabetes means either your body doesn’t make enough insulin or the insulin isn’t being used right by the body. Another […]