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To provide personalized, compassionate, accessible, and quality patient care for the prevention of illness and promotion of health. We provide the highest quality health care to all our patients, their families, and the community we serve.


Our Vision is to be recognized as a medical center that exceeds the expectations of excellence through the provision of compassionate and high-quality health care for the community.   Absolute Primary Care Center will continue to seek improvement in our systems and services.



We affirm to treat all people with respect, integrity, and dignity.



We embrace the whole person and commit to unselfishly caring for others.



We empower people to continually improve the outcomes of our service, focus on prevention, advance quality of life, and to continuous innovation and adopt new ideas.

Our Founders

Absolute Primary Care was formed in 2013 by our founders Mr. Regi Mathew and Dr. Annie Mathew as a medical center that exceeds the expectations of excellence by providing compassionate and high-quality health care to the members of our community. 

Mr. Mathew is a software engineer who was born in Mumbai, India. He achieved his master’s degree in Economics and Quantitative Techniques from Mandras University and obtained a Six Sigma black belt certification.  Throughout the years he has worked on financial solutions and workforce banking. Mr. Mathew has traveled around the world sharing his professional knowledge and expertise in countries such as the UK, and China and for the last 20 years in the U.S., where he settled with his family and raised his children.

Along with his wife, they decided to open their first Primary Care office back in 2013 focused on providing the best healthcare service in town with innovation. Medtanix Aesthetic Center was founded in 2017 with the same principles as the health care center, primarily aiming to improve our clients’ outlook and confidence in themselves.

He is committed to the field of I.T. and development with the purpose of improving standards of medical practice through technological advances. 

Our Providers


Annie Mathew, DNP, MSN, ANP-BC, APRN

Annie Mathew was raised in India and obtained her Master of Science from University of Alabama and Doctor of Nursing Practice from Utah. She moved to the U.S.  and worked for 12 years at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) as a professor teaching advanced medical surgical nursing. Wanting to provide the best care possible, she decided to open her own private practice in 2013. Ms. Mathew is certified and specializes in family practice, aesthetics and weight-loss procedures.  Dr. Mathew values time with family and friends when she is not at work.

“Health is valuable, not because it is a law, but because it is right in it.” -Henry Ward B.

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Since 2013

Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality of care to every patient and family in the Las Vegas Valley area. Through our actions, we expect to demonstrate the following beliefs.

We serve people without regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. The best interest of the patient is our priority.

personal service

Privacy Policy

Absolute Primary Care Center respects your privacy. The personal information may contain your name, address, phone number and address. We do not share this information with any private companies or individuals. We do not contact you by email to ask you to confirm or provide any personal information.

We try to provide accurate information as possible on our webs site but do not provide warranty for the information.

The web server may collect your IP address which cannot identify you. The information on your operating system and the web browser may only be used to optimize the web page.

The information collected is retained in accordance with state and/or federal laws. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

get to know each other

We believe in effective collaboration with individuals, families and organizations to promote well-being.

understanding your rights

Patients will receive personalized care. We will not share your information without your consent except as per applicable law and to perform our duties.

determining your goals

Patients shall be educated and encouraged to practice healthy lifestyles with emphasis on illness prevention.
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